laterite laterite


  • (n) a red soil produced by rock decay; contains insoluble deposits of ferric and aluminum oxides


  1. All around are lifeless things retaining walls of blotchy laterite, and sandstone temples that speak little of Angkor's former grandeur and its golden spires.
  2. In recent months its roads have been paved with crushed stone or topped with pressed laterite.
  3. Since then the elephants, condemned to death by overcrowding, have eaten much of the Tsavo down to bare laterite earth.

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  • "Early results from our exploration program have demonstrated nickel laterite mineralization in three widely spaced locations over a 43 kilometre strike length", commented Bill Fisher, GlobeStar's CEO, "Our ongoing program of mapping, pitting...
    on Oct 12, 2006 By: Bill Fisher Source: Canada NewsWire (press release)

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