laryngeal laryngeal  /lə ˈrɪn dʒi əl/


  • (adj) of or relating to or situated in the larynx


  1. Many early cases of laryngeal cancer can be cured without the necessity for laryngectomy, and with the retention of a more or less normal voice.
  2. He took special pains not to damage Mary's laryngeal nerves, which might cause her to choke to death, nor her parathyroid glands, which might throw her into spasms.
  3. Another subject could eat normally, but his respiratory tract had been disconnected from his throat because of laryngeal cancer.



  • As Dawkins writes in The Greatest Show on Earth, regarding the extravagantly lengthy and circuitous recurrent laryngeal nerve of the giraffe, "Any intelligent designer would have hived off the laryngeal nerve on its way down, replacing a journey of...
    on Dec 9, 2009 By: Richard Dawkins Source:

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