knock-kneed knock-kneed


  • (adj) having the knees abnormally close together and the ankles wide apart


  1. Federal rifles barked and suddenly the General's horse, wounded, grew knock-kneed, whinneyed in agony, sagged and toppled.
  2. The world's greatest swim sprinter is knock-kneed, rusty-haired Alan Robert Ford.
  3. He was manager of the Norfolk Club in a Virginia minor league when Mathewson, a big boy, knock-kneed and ungainly, was starting with a team from Taunton.


  • Ana Veciana-Suarez: Best Christmas toys use a child’s imagination, not their thumbs

    I felt like a little girl all over again, pig-tailed and knock-kneed, eager to be left alone to play. One bin brimmed with sealed packages of shiny new jacks and little pink balls, another with a collection of Pickup Sticks. In this cramped back room of a funky Gainesville restaurant, there were also striped tops, harmonicas, several different versions of the cup and ball toss games, wooden ...
    on November 30, 2013     Source: Miami Herald


  1. "You cannot expect Zambians to consider Clarke's referring to leaders as long-fingered baboons, knock-kneed giraffe, hungry crocodile and red-lipped snake as mere jokes," Lt. Gen. Shikapwasha said. "You can't go to UK and call the Queen names...
    on Jan 7, 2004 By: Ronnie Shikapwasha Source:

  2. "It was funny because I stepped on to the ice and immediately I was knock-kneed," said Klassen. "You want to skate on your outer edge or the flat of your blade. Instantly, my feet went to the inner edge just because I'd been doing the...
    on Dec 12, 2006 By: Cindy Klassen Source: Toronto Star

  3. "It was awesome, but frustrating at the same time," Van Ryn said. "The whole anatomy in my leg changed. I went from being bowlegged to knock-kneed in my leg."
    on Apr 6, 2010 By: Mike Van Ryn Source: (blog)

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