kibitz kibitz


  • (v) make unwanted and intrusive comments


  1. Business seminars also offer a chance to kibitz with outsiders.
  2. He would joke, have fun, kibitz around.
  3. But as my Jewish friends would say, We can come and kibitz together.


  • Jodie Sweetin's Estranged Husband Morty Coyle Performs After Separation

    Jodie Sweetin's estranged husband Morty Coyle played a full set of cover songs with his band F.O.C.K.R. at the Kibitz Room in West Hollywood just one day after news broke that he and the former Full House actress are legally separating
    on June 27, 2013     Source: Us Weekly via omg!


  1. Joel responds, "Elton and I don't really sit down and discuss our future plans with each other. We see each other backstage and we hang out and kibitz and talk about music and life. When Elton did that interview, he'd just found out from his booking...
    on Feb 26, 2010 By: Billy Joel Source: Rolling Stone

  2. "I'm running out of people to kibitz with," Davis joked Tuesday. "They are all busy working for Arnold."
    on Jul 4, 2007 By: Gray Davis Source: Los Angeles Times

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