judeo-christian judeo-christian


  • (adj) being historically related to both Judaism and Christianity


  • On Father's Day, remember the Parent to us all

    On the eve of Father's Day, this dad is pondering the nature of God as Parent. The Judeo-Christian perspective touts that everyone is made in the image of God. Given the vast mosaic of humanity, it wo
    on June 15, 2013     Source: The Bryan-College Station Eagle


  1. "It's almost Talmudic. We are a nation that was based on Judeo-Christian values. That means respect for all of human rights and dignity. That's my principle values and ideas, and that's what I think motivated our founding fathers," McCain said.
    on Oct 1, 2007 By: John McCain Source: Forbes

  2. "People who support Judeo-Christian values are ever under fire now," Bauer said. "It's like they expect folks who are believers just to roll over because they're scared of the ACLU."
    on Jun 12, 2008 By: Andre Bauer Source: FOXNews

  3. "The monument is not a work of art and does not refer to any event in the history of the state," Stevens wrote. "The message transmitted by Texas' chosen display is quite plain: This state endorses the divine code of the Judeo-Christian God."
    on Jun 27, 2005 By: John Paul Stevens Source: San Diego Union Tribune

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