jittering jittering


  • (adj) undergoing small rapid variations


  1. Tables of average heights and weights for children have been so overpromoted that many mothers spend their time jittering needlessly about whether a youngster is up to par.
  2. The jittering of an out-of-kilter picture tube can cause severe epileptic seizures.
  3. Some reared nervously from the floor; others hung jittering from the ceiling.


  • Briefly: Film Strip Effect for Final Cut Pro X, Microsoft My Apps

    FXFactory has announced its release of Film Strip Effect for Final Cut Pro X, a plug-in that offers aesthetic options that go beyond a simple slide projector effect. Users have analog controls over each included effect, and can determine the shape, size, and position of each slide. Blurring, scratching, dust, jittering, light flash and more variables are featured, and offer a vintage look for ...
    on March 16, 2014     Source: MacNN


  • Berlin sees this as the product of "direct timidity", "a terror of being committed". "James's characters are all possessed, all jittering because their private world may be taken away from them...... you can only survive if the secret arsenal...
    on Apr 30, 2004 By: Isaiah Berlin Source: guardian.co.uk

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