jihadist jihadist


  • (n) a Muslim who is involved in a jihad


  1. If her visibility turns out to have aided Belgian cops in breaking up a jihadist plot, El Aroud's vocal radicalism may prompt future plotters to avoid her like the plague.
  2. Fighting with jihadist forces in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Chechnya and now Iraq has served that purpose for thousands.
  3. His network has forged links with jihadist groups in Europe that may be planning attacks similar to the London bombings last July.


  • Report: U.S. hacks al-Qaeda magazine

    U.S. intelligence agents last month hacked al-Qaeda's online magazine, temporarily disrupting the latest issue, The Washington Post reports. The cover story was headlined "How Did it Come to This?" and featured a fighter with a rocket-propelled-grenade launcher and a Kalashnikov rifle, said Evan Kohlmann , of Flashpoint Partners , who tracks jihadist sites.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: The Bay Bulletin


  1. But then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said after the arrests in mid-2006 that the group was emblematic of the "smaller, more loosely defined cells who are not affiliated with al-Qaida, but who are inspired by a violent jihadist message."
    on Dec 13, 2007 By: Alberto Gonzales Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "If we killed or captured every jihadist in Iraq tomorrow, we would still face a major sectarian war that is pitting Iraqis' future against our interest," Biden said. "The fact of the matter is that American lives remain in jeopardy, and, as...
    on Sep 11, 2007 By: Joe Biden Source: CNN

  3. "Rahim is a tough, seasoned jihadist," Hayden said. "His combat experience, which dates back to the 1980s, includes plots against US and Afghan targets."
    on Mar 14, 2008 By: Michael Hayden Source: USA Today

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