jerkiness jerkiness


  • (n) the quality of being spasmodic and irregular


  1. Beyond that quantifiable success, Google has tried to be special, the company that won't give in to the dark side, be it censorship, greed or just plain jerkiness.
  2. Digital's precision has done away with the herky-jerkiness and heightened the feeling of being right there at the tip of Beowulf's blade.
  3. Instead of repose, listeners felt spastic jerkiness; instead of exalting sonorities, they heard grinding dissonance.


  • Time is right for Bonds to rehabilitate image

    Maybe Barry Bonds' stint as a guest instructor in Giants camp will serve as some small reminder of the unique talent that existed beyond the hints and shouts and court dates and public persecution and, yes, beyond the general jerkiness, too.
    on March 11, 2014     Source: Major League Baseball


  1. Commenting on the record, which is set to see the band explore new directions, bassist Gordon Moakes said "With us, we've retained some of that jerkiness but we didn't want to do anything that we've already done. There's a lot of gentle stuff, but...
    on Feb 24, 2006 By: Gordon Moakes Source:

  2. Unabashedly naming names, Armey described Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., as the "cheerleader of jerkiness in the immigration debate" and said conservative commentator Pat Buchanan "is content to be a rock star" for "10 percent of the most...
    on Sep 27, 2006 By: Dick Armey Source: Dallas Morning News

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