jawless jawless


  • (adj) of animals having no jaw


  • Anatomists studying jawless skulls of Australopithecus robustus could not help noticing the creature's well-developed zygomatic arch, the structure to which the jaw muscles are .


  1. Putting flesh on the bones of ancient fish

    Scientists present for the first time miraculously preserved musculature of 380 million year old armored fish discovered in north-west Australia. This research will help scientists to better understand how neck and abdominal muscles evolved during the transition from jawless to jawed vertebrates.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Science Daily

  2. Lamprey ramp installed on North Umpqua dam

    ROSEBURG, Ore. (AP) — A dam on the North Umpqua River near Roseburg has been modified to make the spawning migration easier for lamprey — a jawless fish that is often mistaken for an eel. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says they have put a lamprey ramp on the Winchester Dam. The $50,000 cost was covered by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service grant. The numbers of lamprey crossing the ...
    on June 7, 2013     Source: KGW NewsChannel 8 Portland

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