jaggedly jaggedly


  • (adv) with a ragged and uneven appearance


  1. The starkly stylized sets and costumes complemented the jaggedly atonal score; the acting and singing were superb.
  2. Just as the artless conviction of her account is taking hold, a spasm of madness shatters her face in fragments as if an earthquake had jaggedly ripped open the mind's thin crust.
  3. The dances are jaggedly choreographed, incidental music has the tex ture of a blind fog, and the costumes might have been purchased on the Skid Row of the Casbah.


  • Apple Rising As Overall Stock Market Sinks

    Apple is still building a nice price pattern but a bit jaggedly. Jeffries upgraded the stock this morning so let's see if today's morning gap up holds and if it can build.
    on October 7, 2013     Source: Forbes Blogs

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