italicize italicize


  • (v) print in italics


  1. Eager to italicize the scholarship program that gives more than $24 million a year to contestants, Horn sees the swimsuit segment as a tacky relic of Miss America's childhood.
  2. Outside, her ex-beau--who could be the fellow from She's Gonna Make It--sits in his suit, tie and pickup, refusing to enter, imagining her happiness to italicize his misery.
  3. As a rule, Director Lubitsch likes to run songs through his pictures, to accent moods and italicize bon mots.


  • Mr. Bugliosi says his book "settles all questions about the assassination once and for all." "No reasonable, rational person - and let's italicize those words - can possibly read this book and not be satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt that...
    on May 21, 2007 By: Vincent Bugliosi Source: Dallas Morning News

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