irrevocable irrevocable  /ɪ ˈrɛ və kə bəl/


  • (adj) incapable of being retracted or revoked


  1. John said his decision was irrevocable and final. It was now up to the opposite party to respond to his intransigence.
  2. Once, the nuclear button is pressed then there is no going back, the decision however regrettable is irrevocable.
  3. There is a growing apprehension that the climate changes that we are witnessing are perhaps irrevocable.


  • Fitch Rts NYSHFA (Riverside Center 2) $41MM Hsg Rev Bonds, 2013 Series A-1 'A/F1'

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fitch Ratings assigns a rating of 'A/F1', Stable Outlook to the $41,200,000 New York State Housing Finance Agency (NYSHFA) Riverside Center 2 housing revenue bonds, 2013 series A-1 (the bonds). KEY RATING DRIVERS: The rating is based on the support provided by an irrevocable direct-pay letter of credit (LOC) issued by Bank of America, N.A. (rated 'A/F1', Stable Outlook ...
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Business Wire


  1. "Our decision is irrevocable, two new states have come into existence," Medvedev said. "This is a reality which all our partners, including our EU partners, will have to reckon with."
    on Sep 8, 2008 By: Dmitry Medvedev Source:

  2. "I don't want a pilot project," Daniels said Monday after the Indiana Education Roundtable debated full-day kindergarten. "This is the year we make an absolutely irrevocable commitment. Pilot projects -- the time for that has passed."
    on Nov 27, 2006 By: Mitch Daniels Source: Indianapolis Star

  3. "I read every single page of every file of every case" that came to his desk, Huckabee said. "It's the one thing that's irrevocable."
    on Dec 17, 2007 By: Mike Huckabee Source: Guardian Unlimited

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