irascibility irascibility


  • (n) a feeling of resentful anger



  1. Tusker's irascibility has been honed by questionable health and the approach of his 71st birthday.
  2. But all failed to understand what made Millionaire Millionaire: the simplicity; the pace; the good-cop, cranky-cop irascibility of Regis Philbin.
  3. He possesses the slightly disdainful aplomb, though not the waspish irascibility of a black-bearded Monty Woolley.


  • Regarding the late Deforest Kelley, Urban said "I guess in terms of the qualities Kelley bought to the role, what I really respond to is his sense of irascibility with a real passion for life and doing the right thing, which was a great thing for...
    on May 23, 2008 By: Karl Urban Source:

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