interest-bearing interest-bearing


  • (adj) of financial obligations on which interest is paid


  1. Of course, this kind of gap is an inevitable consequence of offering interest-bearing loans that must eventually be repaid.
  2. A blessing for all, except for the bankers, since it was putting an end to their racket, to the stealing of the nation's credit and issuing interest-bearing money.
  3. We have set aside $20,000 for a down payment and, until we need the money, would like to put that amount in an interest-bearing bank account that is 100% safe.


  1. Class-action suit cost taxpayers $2.65 million, but so far has no takers

    Owners of interest-bearing property that was surrendered to the state of Louisiana can get back the money it would have earned while it was in the state's grasp, according to an announcement to be made by Treasurer John Kennedy on...
    on August 30, 2013     Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune

  2. Here Are Your Best CD Strategies as Rates Rise

    NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Interest rates on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note have soared above 2.8% after hitting a low of less than 2% in the spring, symbolizing a rate trend many expect to continue. So, finally, it's a good time to put money into interest-bearing products such as certificates of deposit, right? Well, maybe, but not to earn interest. CD rates remain pitifully low, ranging from 0 ...
    on August 29, 2013     Source:

  3. Zero Worship: Credit-Card Firms Compete With No-Interest Transfers

    The goal of the 0% teasers is to reel in new customers with the lure of not paying interest on current balances, and then get them to rack up interest-bearing charges on new purchases.
    on August 27, 2013     Source: The Wall Street Journal via Yahoo! Finance

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