instill instill  /ɪn ˈstɪl/


  1. (v) impart gradually
  2. (v) enter drop by drop
  3. (v) produce or try to produce a vivid impression of
  4. (v) teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions
  5. (v) fill, as with a certain quality


  1. By threat or persuasion, the 55th tries to instill its sense of fearlessness, and discipline, in the Afghan rank-and-file--and goes so far as to shoot those daring to retreat.
  2. My parents and my teachers instilled in me the importance of hard work and education, and it is a message I try to instill in my own children.
  3. In years to come Sukarno would use that gift to instill in Indonesians a sense of themselves as a unified people--not Javanese and Balinese and Acehnese and Sumatrans.


  1. Missoula educators, business leaders discuss streamlining path to workforce

    Local education and business leaders gathered at Missoula College on Thursday to discuss how best to instill essential trade skills in students along the path from high school to college to the workplace.
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Missoulian

  2. Orange County Plastic Surgeon Educates Patients on the Brow Lift Procedure

    At The OC Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ali Sepehr discusses every facet of the brow lift procedure with his patients to instill realistic expectations. He provides each patient a complete understanding ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Marketwired via Yahoo! Finance

  3. Op-ed: Why We Need Sports

    Participating in a team sport can instill responsibility and confidence in a young person. It can also save that person's life. read more
    on June 18, 2013     Source: The Advocate


  1. "Five seconds in the scope of three weeks is terribly nothing," he said when asked whether his lead gives him a psychological edge over the Spaniard. "I don't want to instill the rivalry any more than it already is."
    on Jul 4, 2010 By: Lance Armstrong Source: KHBS-KHOG Northwest Arkansas

  2. "Imagine the outcry if a device was introduced that caused blanket discomfort to people of one race or gender, rather than to our kids," Chakrabarti said. "The 'Mosquito' has no place in a country that values its children and seeks to instill...
    on Feb 12, 2008 By: Shami Chakrabarti Source: USA Today

  3. "It is important and necessary for the summit to take credible decisions which will help to halt and reverse the current slowdown and to instill a sense of confidence in the global economy," said Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as he headed...
    on Mar 31, 2009 By: Manmohan Singh Source: BusinessWeek

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