insectivorous insectivorous  /ɪn sɛk ˈtɪ və rəs/


  • (adj) (of animals and plants) feeding on insects



  1. He destroys song, insectivorous and game birds.
  2. He destroys song, insectivorous and game birds.
  3. Vegetarian more often than insectivorous, starlings strip cherry trees, peck at strawberries, punch holes in lettuce leaves.


  • Hedgehogs, gardens and general conservation in the urban environment

    The hedgehog species ate found in Eurasia and Africa, all following the basic body plan of protective prickles and an insectivorous diet. The protection they need from predation sometimes seems to be mainly from traffic, but badgers and others do affect their distribution.
    on August 13, 2013     Source:

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