inhibition inhibition  /ˌɪn hə ˈbɪ ʃən/


  1. (n) (psychology) the conscious exclusion of unacceptable thoughts or desires
  2. (n) the quality of being inhibited
  3. (n) (physiology) the process whereby nerves can retard or prevent the functioning of an organ or part
  4. (n) the action of prohibiting or inhibiting or forbidding (or an instance thereof)



  1. Wong Kar-wai's enthralling, enigmatic In the Mood for Love is an essay in appetite and inhibition.
  2. Angiogenesis inhibition, the tumor-starving process that Folkman pioneered, is indeed a promising line of research.
  3. This is to be brought home so vividly by the nature of the infliction of punishment that he will feel an inhibition against any attempt to commit new crimes.


  • Master regulator in cancer metastasis discovered

    In the process of metastasis, the movement of cancer cells to different parts of the body, a specific master regulator gene plays a central role: a transcription factor named Sox4 activates a sequence of genes and triggers the formidable process. Inhibition of Sox4 and subsequent processes may prevent metastasis in cancer patients.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Science Daily


  1. "Once you've been on stage naked in front of 1,000 people you really feel you can do most anything without inhibition," Radcliffe said. "Being naked was possibly not as complicated as kissing - although belt buckles can give everybody a bit...
    on Jun 25, 2007 By: Daniel Radcliffe Source: the london paper

  2. "Our study shows that targeted inhibition of the microsomal triglyceride transfer protein (MTP) is highly effective in reducing cholesterol levels in these very high risk patients," stated Daniel J. Rader, MD, Director of Preventive Cardiology...
    on Jan 10, 2007 By: Daniel Source: EurekAlert (press release)

  3. "The meaning of the expression 'unnamed parties' has not been qualified or restricted and can be construed to include subjects of a story as well as sources of information," Kibaki said in the statement. "This could act as a great inhibition...
    on Aug 22, 2007 By: Mwai Kibaki Source: Reuters South Africa

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