inexhaustible inexhaustible  /ɪ nɪɡ ˈzɔ stə bəl/


  1. (adj) that cannot be entirely consumed or used up
  2. (adj) incapable of being entirely consumed or used up


  1. She loves to tackle hard problems and has an assignment now where the supply is inexhaustible.
  2. Through the plain, brick-pointed door opposite famed Fortnum Mason, movers wrestled a seemingly inexhaustible argosy of odd treasures.
  3. The latter claim provided an inexhaustible source of inspiration for fabulists from medieval romance peddlers to Dan Brown.


  • Soccer: U.S. defeats Costa Rica 1-0 in Gold Cup qualifier (VIDEO)

    In a 1-0 victory over Costa Rica on Tuesday night that gave the Americans their group title in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, coach Jurgen Klinsmann's willingness to reserve judgment - as well as his seemingly inexhaustible faith in most of his players - paid off again.
    on July 17, 2013     Source: Lowell Sun


  1. "He had an inexhaustible supply of stories - most funny, many poignant, all with a point or a punch line," Gibson said.
    on Jun 29, 2007 By: Charles Gibson Source: TIME

  2. "His scoops were the stuff of legend and his zest for life inexhaustible," Dacre said. "He liked nothing more than to deflate the egos of the idle rich and puncture the pomposity of the powerful."
    on Jul 12, 2007 By: Paul Dacre Source: Scotsman

  3. As one of his favorite authors, William Faulkner, said, "He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance."
    on Jun 25, 2010 By: William Faulkner Source:

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