indexation indexation  /ˈɪn ˌdɛk ˈseɪ ʃən/


  • (n) a system of economic regulation: wages and interest are tied to the cost-of-living index in order to reduce the effects of inflation


  1. Indexation, however, did not prevent some painful constraints, nor deter those trying to anticipate the next round of price rises.
  2. Economists believe the consumer price index, which is used as a guideline for federal indexation, often overstates inflation by perhaps 2% because it exaggerates the cost of housing.
  3. While indexation fans Brazilian inflation, one root cause of rising prices is excessive government spending.


  • Anglian Water Ser UK Regulatory Announcement: FRN Variable Rate Fix

    LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Anglian Water Services Financing Plc Issue of GBP 50,000,000 Indexation Class A Un Wrapped Bonds due 2046 Ser: 20 Trn: 1 MTN ISSUE NAME. Our Ref. M75728 ISIN Code. XS0252591903 INTEREST AMT PER DENOM. CURRENCY CODE. GBP DAY BASIS. Actual/Actual ISMA (A006) NUM OF DAYS. 184 INTEREST RATE. 2.1566 PCT VALUE DATE. 30/01/2014 INTEREST PERIOD. 30/07/2013 TO 30/01/2014 GBP 50 ...
    on August 30, 2013     Source: Business Wire


  1. "It is obvious that $273 a week, with the cost of living pressures ...... is not enough for our single aged pensioners, it needs to be increased," Dr Nelson said. "They (Government) also need to change the indexation of the pension to focus...
    on Sep 9, 2008 By: Brendan Nelson Source:

  2. "The Government will increase payments, above automatic indexation, to people in receipt of pensioner, carer, senior and allowance benefits and to provide other assistance to meet the overall increase in the cost of living flowing from the...
    on Jul 16, 2008 By: Penny Wong Source: CarCental

  3. "Indexation guarantees second-round effects," Trichet explained. "It is what we want to avoid. It is a simple as that."
    on Dec 19, 2007 By: Jean-Claude Trichet Source: The Age

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