indefatigably indefatigably


  • (adv) with indefatigable energy



  1. Ill also hand out an Oscar for golden perkiness to Witherspoon, who looked lovely in a spangled dress, and sparkled indefatigably on her own.
  2. Whether she's dealing with a depressed book store clerk or the fact that her bicycle is stolen while she visits his shop, the young woman remains indefatigably chipper.
  3. Yet joy cheekily comic, indefatigably romantic is what Cole Porter was all about, whatever tests and traumas he endured.


  1. Ortega added that we Nicaraguans "are beside the people of Cuba and its government, also fighting indefatigably to achieve that the five Cuban antiterrorist patriots, who are unjustly held in the empire's dungeons, return to their Homeland again."
    on Jul 26, 2008 By: Daniel Ortega Source: Prensa Latina

  2. "The treasure in the fable may well symbolize democracy," Michels wrote. "Democracy is a treasure which no one will ever discover by deliberate search. But in continuing our search, in laboring indefatigably to discover the undiscoverable, we...
    on Jan 18, 2010 By: Robert Michels Source: Firedoglake (blog)

  3. "Gamber, with the vigilance of a true prophet and the courage of a true witness, opposed this falsification, and thanks to his incredibly rich knowledge, indefatigably taught us about the living fullness of a true liturgy," Cardinal Ratzinger...
    on May 1, 2006 By: Pope Benedict XVI Source:

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