inconsequence inconsequence


  1. (n) having no important effects or influence
  2. (n) invalid or incorrect reasoning


  1. They almost make you forget Cher's totally out-of-it work as a disapproved-of American and carry the film to its destiny, which is one of inoffensive inconsequence, prettily staged.
  2. The net result of this mighty effort is perhaps predictable: near total inconsequence.
  3. The latter is an unpleasant word carrying a hint of inconsequence, whim, frivolousness and lack of permanence.



  • Blasting away in the New Yorker, Anthony Lane described Emmerich's most recent effort, The Day After Tomorrow (2004), as "a shambles of dud writing and dramatic inconsequence which left me determined to double my consumption of fossil fuels".
    on Mar 6, 2008 By: Anthony Lane Source:

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