in-law in-law


  • (n) a relative by marriage


  1. Sons-in-law are incessantly reported vexed about their mothers-in-law.
  2. The President's son-in-law is now a fugitive from the law and his all-powerful relative.
  3. She somewhat lamely argues that the son-in-law is so possessively in love with his wife that he shuts the mother out.


  1. Annie, my pregnant daughter-in-law's diet is a hot mess!

    Dear Annie: I'm very concerned about my pregnant daughter-in-law's diet. She studied nutrition in college, but you'd never know it.
    on June 24, 2013     Source: Omaha World-Herald

  2. Most Of Lawsuit By Rocker Neal Schon Vs. His Ex Mother-In-Law Thrown Out

    All but one portion of a lawsuit filed by Journey rocker Neal Schon against his former mother-in-law has been thrown out by a Federal judge. Schon had claimed that Judy… READ ON
    on June 23, 2013     Source:

  3. Sister-in-law of Susan Powell releases book of her experiences

    The Susan Powell case has garnered national attention and now her sister-in-law has written a book about the experience.
    on June 23, 2013     Source: KSL Salt Lake City


  1. "I'd probably call Gustav, instead of the mother of all storms, maybe the mother-in-law or the ugly sister of all storms," Nagin said.
    on Aug 31, 2008 By: Ray Nagin Source: CNN

  2. "Right now, our thoughts are with Eddie's family," Levein said. "This is a terrible time and the death of his son-in-law at the weekend only makes this more heartbreaking. We have lost someone I'd call a decent guy and, as close as we've...
    on Oct 15, 2008 By: Craig Levein Source:

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