impudently impudently


  • (adv) in an impudent or impertinent manner


  1. Montenegro is a Laurel-and-Hardy jalopy of a film, putting along impudently and then suddenly stalling, out of everything but gall.
  2. As a critic, she was really a constant housekeeper, tidying up after messy writers, but humming impudently as she went about her business.
  3. From the little band of professionals on Wake Island came an impudently defiant message phrased for history.


  • Don’t let Assad deflect responsibility for carnage

    It is a pity that anyone in the West gives the time of day to the Syrian regime’s lying narrative that it is a defense against jihadism; few arsonists have ever paraded so impudently as firemen.
    on July 29, 2013     Source: Stars and Stripes

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