imposingly imposingly


  • (adv) in an impressive manner


  1. Heston didn't just play great roles, he imposingly, thrillingly embodied them.
  2. But for the imposingly named writer-director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Ostalgie is a sickness in need of treatment.
  3. The union which is supposed to take care of vaudevillians, night-club entertainers, circus performers and such is the imposingly-named American Federation of Actors.


  • JVC BlackSapphire SL HDTV series screams flagship with stark appearance

    The folks at JVC have revealed an imposingly simple looking line of televisions this week intent on making the world understand that they’re clear on consumer wishes for an absolute lack of bezel. The hero in this line is an LED-LCD TV with a 47-inch display ringing in at 1080p with Edge-lit technology. This machine Read The Full Story
    on July 13, 2013     Source: SlashGear

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