implosion implosion  /ɪm ˈploʊ ʒən/


  1. (n) a sudden inward collapse
  2. (n) the initial occluded phase of a stop consonant


  1. The movie keeps getting bigger and weirder and denser and sadder and finnier, till all the pressure on Caden leads to a final implosion.
  2. You might discount that a bit considering the implosion of south Florida real estate and the loss of ad revenue that comes with it.


  1. Steven Spielberg: Big tickets, big budgets make film industry 'implosion' imminent

    Movie ticket prices have long been a subject of grumbling among theater-goers, who have balked (but paid) for years as admissions rose ever higher into the double digits. But as two of Hollywood's leading directors recently noted in a panel discussion, it's likely to get a lot worse -- and ultimately will change the industry forever."There's eventually going to be an implosion -- or a big ...
    on June 15, 2013     Source: NBC NEWS

  2. Spielberg foresees 'implosion' of film industry

    Many movie fans consider director Steven Spielberg a visionary -- but his most recent vision is one of doom for the movie industry. During remarks at the University of Southern California Wednesday, Spielberg predicted the "implosion" of the film industry, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Things could get so bad, according to Spielberg, that "you're gonna have to pay $25 for the next 'Iron ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Local 6 Orlando

  3. Electrical malfunction causes implosion on Scottdale street

    By Tribune-Review Evan Sanders | Tribune-Review ‘Implosion’ causes power interruption in Scottdale West Penn Power Co. said 27 customers in Scottdale lost their electrical service just after ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Mckeesport Daily News


  1. "To blame one man for the financial implosion is simply wrong," Feinstein said. "Ben Bernanke has been helpful to the recovery and, for reasons of stability and continuity, should be reconfirmed."
    on Jan 25, 2010 By: Dianne Feinstein Source: USA Today

  2. "Conference USA is rapidly preparing to compete for the remaining Big 12 members if the meltdown continues to a full implosion," East Carolina Athletics Director Terry Holland wrote.
    on Jun 13, 2010 By: Terry Holland Source: The Tennessean

  3. "I saw those towers fall and I've seen an implosion in Las Vegas -- there's too much similarities between the two, and I saw a building fall that didn't get hit by nothing," added Nelson, referring to WTC Building 7, which collapsed in the late...
    on Feb 6, 2008 By: Willie Nelson Source: FOXBusiness

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