impious impious  /ɪm ˈpaɪ əs/


  1. (adj) lacking piety or reverence for a god
  2. (adj) lacking due respect or dutifulness


  1. There was much to be done: prayers, lustrations, holy mealsand the sacred scrolls must be taken to the nearby caves and hidden from the impious enemy.
  2. He turned out to be too flighty, too impious and vainglorious to fill the role of anointed American writer, the thinking man's thinking man.
  3. His primary target is the enemy without, the United States, not the enemy within, the 'impious' Muslims.


  1. Armstrong said: "This [the Arab-Israeli conflict] is at base a political problem......Zionism, for example, began as a rebellion against religious Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, which regarded it as an impious attempt to secularize one of the most...
    on Nov 19, 2006 By: Karen Armstrong Source: The People's Voice (blog)

  2. The historical epoch had afforded these men ample opportunity to observe the corruption to which established churches were liable, as well as "the impious presumption of legislators and rulers," as Jefferson wrote, "civil as well as...
    on Nov 18, 2008 By: Thomas Jefferson Source: Santa Maria Times

  3. Even Jean-Antoine Nollet, one of France's foremost lightning researchers, warned that it was "as impious to ward off Heaven's lightnings as for a child to ward off the chastening rod of its father."
    on Aug 15, 2005 By: Jean-Antoine Nollet Source: New York Times

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