immunosuppressive immunosuppressive


  1. (n) a drug that lowers the body's normal immune response
  2. (adj) of or relating to a substance that lowers the body's normal immune response and induces immunosuppression


  1. Five months later, Snchez is in excellent health, without the help of any immunosuppressive drugs.
  2. After that, Blaiberg said he felt much better, and the doctors felt confident enough to reduce his already moderate doses of immunosuppressive drugs.
  3. So is anyone whose immune system is compromised by hiv, cancer, immune disorders or immunosuppressive drugs.



  • "And as an unexpected bonus the transplant also seemed to have its own immunosuppressive effect that may prevent further destruction by the nasty immune cells that cause the damage in MS," Bernard says.
    on Jul 24, 2009 By: Claude Bernard Source: The Australian

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