ill-equipped ill-equipped


  • (adj) poorly supplied with physical equipment


  1. The cinder-block dorms of the 1950s were ill-equipped to handle the computer revolution of the 1980s.
  2. The Hmong say they are too ill-equipped to strike back.
  3. They are ill-equipped and often saddled with unrealistic objectives by the Security Council.


  • LeDuff Off the Chain: Good luck Chief Craig, Detroit is counting on you

    Allegations of secret surveillance of the civilian police commissioner. Fudged murder statistics. Overworked, demoralized, ill-equipped, underpaid and disrespected police officers forced to play purse snatcher. Can the new chief, James Craig, succeed in the face of such dysfunction?
    on June 8, 2013     Source: FOX 2 News Detroit


  1. "We waited a long time for this report to confirm the daunting prospect that climate change is impacting our public lands from coast to coast, and this administration is ill-equipped to respond," Kerry said.
    on Sep 6, 2007 By: John Kerry Source: FOXNews

  2. Lord Craig of Radley, Marshal of the RAF, accused the Government of breaking the military covenant, demanding: "Is it not immoral to commit forces that are underprepared and ill-equipped for their task?"
    on Nov 22, 2007 By: Lord Boyce Source: Times Online

  3. "It is regrettable that the rest of the consignment was not intercepted, but hardly surprising as the police were woefully ill-equipped and often do not have enough gasoline to operate their vehicles," said Antonio Costa, the Executive Director...
    on Jul 17, 2007 By: António Costa Source: Scientific American

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