ice-clogged ice-clogged


  • (adj) obstructed by ice


  1. But few sailors dared risk the Arctic Ocean's freezing temperatures, ice-clogged seas and blinding fog.
  2. Nearby mines had plenty of coal piled above ground, but barges could not carry it down the ice-clogged Monongahela River.
  3. Five nights later, in numbing cold on Christmas night, he took his little force across the ice-clogged Delaware.


  • Thaw may bring about flooding

    The region is about to experience at least a mini-January thaw, but it might extract a price. Along ice-clogged portions of the Delaware River, flood warnings and watches were posted for Friday morning, and the National Weather Service said temperatures rocketing to 60 on Saturday might conspire with heavy rains to set off more-widespread flooding.
    on January 10, 2014     Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

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