iatrogenic iatrogenic


  • (adj) induced by a physician's words or therapy (used especially of a complication resulting from treatment)


  1. Criminal involvement in the marijuana business is an iatrogenic disease, and the forces who make their living enforcing our marijuana laws love it that way.
  2. Doctors seldom mention the fact that an illness can be iatrogenic, i.
  3. Sir: Viet Nam is afflicted with iatrogenic disease.


  • Obamacare’s Many Negative Side-Effects Should Surprise No One

    Government intervention causes iatrogenics — unintended negative consequences that hurt the very people they’re intended to help. Nowhere is this better exemplified than with Obamacare, a policy intended to bring insurance to all that has in effect taken it away from many. This paradox can be applied to other policy arenas as well.
    on December 26, 2013     Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute


  • "I think there are real possibilities of iatrogenic effects if we start playing around with compensation," Peterson said, referring to the government's appointment of a pay czar.
    on Jun 12, 2009 By: Peter G Peterson Source: Wall Street Journal

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