hypnotism hypnotism  /ˈhɪp nə ˌtɪ zəm/


  • (n) the act of inducing hypnosis



  1. Besides, Freud decided, hypnotism's effects are too ephemeral and not everybody can be hypnotized.
  2. The helping hand of hypnotism has long been recognized in medicine.
  3. A bizarre tale of hypnotism, drugs and deathA wealthy monk.



  1. "He had a charisma, a hypnotism, a kind of spell that he cast on an audience, which was an extraordinary thing to negotiate as a young actor," said Simon Callow, who performed alongside Scofield in the play "Amadeus" in 1979. "He was an...
    on Mar 20, 2008 By: Simon Callow Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "After the hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad," Allen, 22, said. "I just want to get more toned and healthy. I'm really good about everything at the moment -- I've never been happier."
    on Oct 9, 2007 By: Lily Allen Source: China Daily

  3. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the ever-self-deprecating Martin said, "Things like the hypnotism, all these little crazy experiments that he tried with us was just an effort to say, 'It's OK. Not everybody hates you because you're in...
    on Jul 10, 2009 By: Chris Martin Source: Seattle Times

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