humanize humanize  /ˈhju mə ˌnaɪz/


  • (v) make more humane


  1. In April came Show, a living work of art by Vanessa Beecroft designed to humanize media images of female beauty and thus somehow invest women with power.
  2. Let's be honest: any attempt to humanize a $320 billion monolith like GE will probably be met with cynicism.
  3. Clinton, childhood friend, grateful constituents all wear emotions on their sleeves at Iowa event meant to humanize her.


  • Edie Falco: Tony and Carmela's love 'one of the greatest I've ever known'

    Tony and Carmela Soprano were never going to be Mike and Carol Brady, and that was just fine with fans of "The Sopranos." But Edie Falco's Carmela was an indispensable asset in shaping who Tony was, and wanted to become -- and in the process helped Gandolfini humanize his mobster boss. They fought plenty, but underneath it all they loved each other, and never split up.Falco, who now stars on ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: NBC NEWS


  1. Director Christopher Nolan told Britain's Empire Magazine: "Our Joker -- Heath's interpretation of the Joker -- has always been the absolute extreme of anarchy and chaos. What makes him terrifying is not to humanize him in narrative terms. We didn't...
    on Jun 8, 2008 By: Christopher Nolan Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. "The major issue they've got is that she is publicly hated," Berg said. "They can find an opportunity in open court to say things about the client that might humanize her. If she's had a history of illness, then it's important that the public...
    on Jan 20, 2005 By: David Berg Source: Topeka Capital Journal

  3. Rabinovich quoted Derakhshan as saying: "I want to humanize Israel for Iranians and tell them it's not what the Islamic propaganda machine is saying, that Israelis are thirsty for Muslim blood. And I want to show Israel that the average Iranian...
    on Nov 23, 2008 By: Hossein Derakhshan Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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