housewifery housewifery


  • (n) the work of a housewife


  1. Actress Ball was a long time arriving at the calm waters of motherhood and housewifery.
  2. If the process should become practicable commercially, housewifery and industry will benefit by inestimable billions.
  3. Heating bills are also higher, and the cost of do-it-yourself housewifery and husbandry is incalculable.


  • Recipe of the Week: Hummus from ‘Balaboosta,’ whose author is teaching in Austin on Sept. 25

    Though a successful New York business woman, Einat Admony embraces housewifery.Not the “run-of-the-mill, hyperefficient housewife,” but the Yiddish “balaboosta,” which is often translated to mean “a perfect housewife,” but in her mind is a true “owner of the house,” who “lives life with gusto, shuns fear, and relies on instinct over precision,” Admony writes in her new cookbook.
    on September 7, 2013     Source: Austin American-Statesman

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