hot-blooded hot-blooded


  • (adj) prone to emotion


  1. In the prison in the year 1895 sat a hot-blooded orator of 40.
  2. Frosty, reserved Iris and her hot-blooded sister Laura grow up wealthy and privileged in a chilly Canadian town.
  3. Tuning in regularly are legions of hot-blooded men.



  1. "She would taunt Guy, saying, 'I should have married someone like me: strong, hot-blooded, intelligent, ambitious, spiritual,'" a source close to Ritchie told Us magazine. "Their fights would often get heated. A few times Madonna slapped him...
    on Oct 22, 2008 By: Guy Ritchie Source: Melbourne Herald Sun

  2. "Bellamy said that I had not passed to him a couple of times when he was in a better position, but every player has to decide in the moment," Robinho added. "Bellamy shouts a lot and is hot-blooded but so am I. After a defeat I get very...
    on Mar 1, 2009 By: Robinho Source: SkySports

  3. Writing in The New York Times, critic Ben Brantley said that "despite its status as the season's ultimate snob ticket," the third installment "is as hot-blooded and teary-eyed as your average afternoon soap opera."
    on Feb 19, 2007 By: Ben Brantley Source: Washington Post

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