horsetail horsetail  /ˈhɔr ˌsteɪl/


  • (n) perennial rushlike flowerless herbs with jointed hollow stems and narrow toothlike leaves that spread by creeping rhizomes; tend to become weedy; common in northern hemisphere; some in Africa and South America


  1. To divert his melancholy Author Baerlein persuades him to don a horsetail for a beard, pretend he is a gnome.
  2. It must have been a clumsy monster that hopped sluggishly under the giant ferns and spreading horsetail trees which later became Pennsylvania's famous coal.


  1. Quick Update on Miner Paradise Fire Complex fires

    The fires within the Miner Paradise Complex - the Emigrant Fire, the North Eightmile Fire, the Horsetail Fire, and the Sheep Fire were active all day on Saturday.
    on August 18, 2013     Source: KXLF Butte

  2. Weekend Hyalite fire quickly contained

    A Helitack crew has contained a small lightning caused fire up Hyalite today.The Horsetail Fire was first reported about 11:30 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 11 by hikers. The quarter-acre fire was on a high, inaccessible ridge near Elephant Mountain. Because of the terrain, the only way in was by chopper. Today five firefighters were delivered by helicopter. They worked the blaze, along with a helicopter ...
    on August 13, 2013     Source: KXLF Butte


  • Of Italian striker Roberto Baggio, a star of the 1980s and '90s, Galeano says, "His legs have a mind of their own, his foot shoots by itself. : Baggio is a big horsetail that flicks away opponents as he flows forward in an elegant wave."
    on Jun 7, 2008 By: Eduardo Galeano Source: Slate

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