horniness horniness


  • (n) a state of sexual arousal



  1. Laura Dern's innocent horniness as the servant girl who gets a middle-class Southern family all hot and bothered was one of the year's comic and erotic delights.
  2. Yes, porn turns people on, horniness can be measured on brain scans, sexual urges are biological, and even the elderly like sex.
  3. Flynt's journey from horniness to holiness began earlier this year.


  1. Ms. Gellar's character, for example, is a multitasking, politically minded sex-film star - "Jenna Jameson meets Arianna Huffington," Mr. Kelly said - with a "View"-like talk show and a hit song called "Teen Horniness Is Not a Crime"...
    on Oct 29, 2007 By: Richard Kelly Source: New York Times

  2. "Guess who's getting a b12 shot for horniness?," Handler joked to her over 2 million followers on Wednesday.
    on Apr 8, 2010 By: Chelsea Handler Source: New York Daily News

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