honey-colored honey-colored


  • (adj) having the color of honey


  1. Down through the ages, sudden flows of sticky, honey-colored tree resin have ensnared all manner of small life forms, including beetles, spiders, and even lizards and frogs.
  2. The flexes and curves of the museum's honey-colored limestone walls are meant to evoke wind-sheared Western mesas, and they do.
  3. The cathedral at Arequipa, built of honey-colored volcanic stone, young and fresh throughout the centuries as the face of a nun.



    Just look at that smile. This darling little girl called Amber is as cute as can be. With her shining fur coat and honey-colored eyes, Amber is aptly named. As a Welsh Corgi mix, Amber is petite for her size, but she has the biggest heart of all.
    on July 22, 2013     Source: The Adobe Press

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