historiography historiography  /hɪ ˌstɔ ri ˈɑ ɡrə fi/


  1. (n) a body of historical literature
  2. (n) the writing of history


  1. Reflecting on television's impact on historiography, Canada's Prime Minister John Diefenbaker mournfully told a Montreal audience of a prime piece of source material that got away.
  2. Granted, as less vitriolic modern historiography makes clear, Columbus was not the gem of the ocean, the flawless hero of so many earlier hagiographies.
  3. Philippe Aris is an unusual figure in the formal and rigorous world of French historiography.

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  1. "The cross is simple enough in appearance but is the result of much reflection, research, historiography, attention to detail and collaboration," said Jean, addressing a room of veterans, servicemen, young cadets and politicians at Rideau Hall.
    on May 16, 2008 By: Michaelle Jean Source: Canada.com

  2. What Ms. Applebaum added is also true about music: "There are many legitimate ways to write history, even many avant-garde, nonlinear, novelistic ways to write history, as the historiography of World War II itself well illustrates."
    on Sep 9, 2009 By: Anne Applebaum Source: New York Times

  3. "What distinguishes his history or historiography is that he, like few other historians, wrote a book that transformed the way we understand a major social phenomenon," said David Levering Lewis, the New York University historian, who like Dr....
    on Mar 28, 2009 By: David Levering Lewis Source: New York Times

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