highborn highborn


  • (adj) belonging to the peerage



  1. Later the Lord's reaction was more nearly what she wanted: when some highborn ladies snubbed her at a dinner party, Clontarf married her.
  2. Lady Margaret fitzGerold, a highborn widow, is forced into an unwelcome marriage with Sir Falkes de Brealte, a Norman bastard and the best crossbowman in all England.
  3. Recently, a highborn Lhasa woman was simultaneously married to a local nobleman, to the Foreign Minister of Tibet, and to the Foreign Minister's son by another wife.


  • Lauren Collins: A campaign to overturn male primogeniture.

    Ways to annoy a British aristocrat: fail to leave the moor after a shooting accident, high-five the butler, be French. But those offenses pale in comparison with the recent treachery of Lady Liza Campbell, a member of the Hares, a group of highborn women who are campaigning to overturn . . . (Subscription required.)
    on January 6, 2014     Source: The New Yorker

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