heterodyne heterodyne  /ˈhɛ tə rə ˌdaɪn/


  1. (v) combine (a radio frequency wave) with a locally generated wave of a different frequency so as to produce a new frequency equal to the sum or the difference between the two
  2. (adj) of or relating to the beat produced by heterodyning two oscillations


  • But Professor Theremin, as anyone can do with a heterodyne radio receiving set, put one series of his electro-magnet waves against another series and thereby deadened a .


  • Front-End Subsystems span 100 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range.

    Integrating super heterodyne frequency translator technology, Prism FES Series optimizes operating range, receive sensitivity, and interference rejection characteristics of wireless adapters used in wireless communication standards like WLAN. Full-duplex systems provide complete bi-directional transmit and receive paths from wireless adapter to antenna with 50 Ω input/output matched ports ...
    on January 14, 2014     Source: ThomasNet

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