heterodox heterodox  /ˌhɛ tə rə ˌdɑks/


  • (adj) characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards



  1. In the heterodox, rigidly disciplined Christianity of the Worldwide Church of God, that could mean anything.
  2. Indeed, while the group may have given outsiders an impression of Christianity, their version of Jesus was most certainly heterodox.
  3. For starters, Syria is ruled by a besieged and insecure minority, the Alawites, a heterodox-Shi'ite ethnic minority.


  • Econ4 on the New Economy

    Econ4, a group of heterodox economists, has released a short video and a statement on the "new economy" which they define as more sustainable and equitable forms of organizing "productive" activity and the resources that support them.
    on July 13, 2013     Source: Naked Capitalism


  1. "People feel free to say about me what they think about lots of blacks," Thomas said in an interview in his chambers at the Supreme Court. "Because of the heterodox views I've taken, they have license to say it about me with impunity."
    on Sep 30, 2007 By: Clarence Thomas Source: ABC News

  2. Calling it the "fast-forward capital", Tharoor writes, "New Delhi is India's contemporary equivalent -- kinetic, heterodox, anti-ritual, prosperous. For all its inadequacies, it is a symbol of a country on the move, the urban flagship of a better...
    on Oct 8, 2009 By: Shashi Tharoor Source: Times of India

  3. Knight says his goal in writing this book was "to better understand the history of Islam in America, particularly its native heterodox tradition. Five Percenters today do not self-identify as practitioners of Islam, but they are a vital and...
    on Jul 3, 2007 By: Michael Muhammad Knight Source: AllAfrica.com

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