heedless heedless


  1. (adj) marked by or paying little heed or attention
  2. (adj) characterized by careless unconcern



  1. Never before has the naked power struggle between players and owners seemed so heedless and self-destructive.
  2. What they and their heedless friends will show to Portia is the disenchanted kingdom of adulthood.
  3. And somehow, in its jostling, heedless, undisciplined energy, it makes a person happy to be alive in the 20th century.


  1. Bad amendment for animals, consumer safety, states’ rights

    Heedless of consumer safety, animal welfare and other important public policy considerations, Congress recently passed an amendment to the House farm bill that would eliminate states’ rights to enact laws that protect farm animals from cruel factory farm conditions, dogs in puppy mills and horses from being cruelly slaughtered for human consumption.
    on August 6, 2013     Source: Miami Herald

  2. Column: All you need is love

    Last month I wrote a column about the way we all used to tan so madly, all heedless of the consequences.  It was a humorous piece, or so I thought – until, this email about skin cancer arrived from a reader:
    on August 5, 2013     Source: Somerville Journal


  1. "We must find practical controls over blind economic forces and blindly selfish men," Roosevelt said. "We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals; we know now that it is bad economics. ...... We are beginning to abandon...
    on Mar 22, 2008 By: Franklin D Roosevelt Source: Brazosport Facts (registration)

  2. "We can put the squeeze on Iran using this tool; it encourages companies and individuals to remove their money from any investment that might support Tehran's heedless quest for nuclear weapons," said Lantos.
    on May 17, 2007 By: Tom Lantos Source: Hindu

  3. "The European Union, which now holds millions of voiceless, voteless Europeans in thrall to a heedless Brussels bureaucracy, was put into place little by little over a 50-year period," Corsi writes, "not by the citizens of the member states,...
    on Jun 19, 2007 By: Jerome Corsi Source: WorldNetDaily

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