harmonizer harmonizer


  1. (n) a musician who sings or plays in harmony
  2. (n) a mediator who brings one thing into harmonious agreement with another



  1. The Boston Globe phrased it nicely: "The titan of international architecture, harmonizer of the social, industrial, physical and esthetic needs of modern man, is building a.
  2. Styling himself a "harmonizer," Freshman Senator-elect Hubert Humphrey nevertheless conceded that if the nomination were offered, "I'd take it.
  3. Says Robert Leicht, political commentator for the Hamburg weekly Die Zeit: "I often disagree with Kohl, but I take it for granted he is a harmonizer.



  1. "I will seek to act as a harmonizer and bridge-builder," Ban said. "And I hope to become known ...... as a secretary-general who is accessible, hard-working, and prepared to listen attentively."
    on Dec 31, 2006 By: Ban Ki-moon Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "Everything contributes to the process," Scott said. "I bring in every tool that I possibly have at any given time. The arranger, the player, the singer, the harmonizer, the lead guitarist, the background this or that - these are the tools in...
    on Jun 26, 2010 By: Darrell Scott Source: Lexington Herald Leader

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