happy-go-lucky happy-go-lucky


  • (adj) cheerfully irresponsible


  1. His clever performances, creative hair styles and happy-go-lucky attitude gave America 'something to talk about' and generated mass appeal.
  2. The alleged suicide attempt by the actor, known for his happy-go-lucky characters, shocks the movie industry.
  3. Named after McCain's father-in-law, James Hensley, Jimmy is the lively, happy-go-lucky member of the clan, friends say.


  • Brazil Rethinks Their ‘Happy Prostitute’ Ad

    When the general public thinks of prostitution they don’t normally think that it’s a happy occupation to have. The majority of people will think of stories about hookers pepper spraying teenagers and stealing piggy banks to fund their lifestyle, not happy-go-lucky sex workers. However Brazil recently launched an advert campaign to try and move past [...] Brazil Rethinks Their ‘Happy Prostitute ...
    on June 5, 2013     Source: The Inquisitr


  1. "I've only seen him wear his (artificial) tooth once or twice," Liles said. "We've got to beg him to put gel in his hair. It gets a little embarrassing. His heart is in the right place. He's a happy-go-lucky kid."
    on Feb 22, 2007 By: John-Michael Liles Source: SI.com

  2. Robert explained to E!: "We just focus on music. We're just happy-go-lucky people who just get into the studio as much as possible."
    on May 26, 2009 By: Bob Dylan Source: Stuff.co.nz

  3. "Every airport you go to, people point to you and say, 'Here's the guy who screwed up in the Super Bowl,"' Yepremian said. "After a while it bothers you. If it was anybody else he would go crazy, but fortunately I'm a happy-go-lucky guy."
    on Nov 15, 2007 By: Garo Yepremian Source: USA Today

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