hajji hajji


  1. (n) a general term used by foreign soldiers to refer to the Iraqi people
  2. (n) an Arabic term of respect for someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca



  • Completion of all of the mandated rituals is believed the guarantee the pilgrim a place in heaven as well as the title of hajji (literally, one who has performed the Hajj .



  1. "In the light of the precious words of the soldiers of love, Rumi, Yunus Emre, Hajji Bektash Wali, Pir Sultan Abdal and Aşık Veysel, I say 'come whoever you are' to the whole world and all of humanity, as it is the same heaven that surrounds...
    on Dec 18, 2008 By: Recep Tayyip Erdogan Source: Hürriyet

  2. "The late Hajji Umar Okodel was a distinguished Ugandan with outstanding character, diverse talents, an entrepreneur and a peace maker," Mr Museveni said.
    on Nov 24, 2008 By: Yoweri Museveni Source: Daily Monitor

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