hackneyed hackneyed  /ˈhæk nid/


  • (adj) repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse


  1. There were no fresh ideas in the election manifesto of the party, instead there were a bunch of hackneyed phrases.
  2. Those are the most hackneyed excuses I've heard all day.


  • Film review: 'Kings of Summer' a teen comedy gem

    Minnesota Public Radio's Stephanie Curtis discusses "The Kings of Summer" in this week's Cube Critics video. Curtis said the familiar story is goes from hackneyed to a gem in the hands of director Jordan Vogt-Roberts.
    on June 8, 2013     Source: Minnesota Public Radio


  1. Schneider says he's always striving to raise the bar in his genre while desperately avoiding "hackneyed writing, silly premises and low production values."
    on Jun 30, 2010 By: Dan Schneider Source: Kansas City Star

  2. McLaren boss Ron Dennis said the result proved the truth one of racing's perennial clichés: "One of the oldest motor racing phrases ever coined is: 'To finish first, first you have to finish.' Hackneyed it may be, but it's true nonetheless."...
    on Aug 4, 2008 By: Ron Dennis Source: ITV.com

  3. "The concept of the album followed a circuitous path," Mr. Feinstein explained recently in the piano room of his Upper East Side town house. "It began as a tribute to the Greatest Generation without the hackneyed material. Then it became...
    on Aug 31, 2008 By: Michael Feinstein Source: New York Times

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