gyroscopic gyroscopic  /ˌdʒaɪ rə ˈskɑ pɪk/


  • (adj) having the characteristics of a gyroscope


  1. Marshall's movie has a gyroscopic camera and a sushi chef's sense of fast cutting.
  2. A dead satellite or one that has lost gyroscopic control could go tumbling down to lower and lower orbits, colliding with objects moving at different speeds along the way.
  3. Most valuable service: they provide an artificial horizon; when a pilot cannot see the real horizon, he looks at the gyroscopic one, to see if he is on an even keel.


  • NASA halts efforts to repair Kepler space telescope

    It's had a good run, but it seems like NASA's Kepler telescope is down for the count -- the space agency says it has stopped repair efforts. The 0.95 meter diameter space telescope launched four years ago, tasked with seeking out Earth-sized planets suitable for habitation. All was going well until the rig's gyroscopic reaction wheels began to fail, robbing it of the precision aim needed to ...
    on August 16, 2013     Source: Engadget


  • "But it is still not clear that the missile actually failed. ...... Spiral rocket plumes are also created by rocket stages spinning to create gyroscopic stability," Oberg said in an e-mail. "Also, Norwegian observers were looking 'up the...
    on Dec 9, 2009 By: James Oberg Source:

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