growler growler


  1. (n) a speaker whose voice sounds like a growl
  2. (n) a small iceberg or ice floe just large enough to be hazardous for shipping


  1. A golden basso cantante (a lyric bass rather than a growler) with a natural authority onstage, Siepi won himself an opening-night ovation as the dignified king in Don Carlo.
  2. Don't heed the mere growler .
  3. The generous spirit is best reflected by Daugherty's dying father, who jauntily toasts his own send-off with a growler of ale and an intimation of paradise that, he says, resembles .


  1. Stone opens organic farm to public

    The farm's on-site store offers pints and growler fills of Stone beer from four taps.
    on June 20, 2013     Source: U-T San Diego

  2. Wavves' Graphic 'That's on Me' Video Might Turn You Vegan

    Wavves have shared a brand new music video for "That's on Me" — a sour-toned slow-growler about grabbing life by the horns. While there are no bulls featured above, there is one very unfortunate pig who's fed to a ravenous gang of cheerleaders after being sliced and diced by sword demo king
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Spin

  3. The New and (Maybe) Improved Beverage Containers

    Beverage producers just keep on inventing new bottles and cans — and growlers and pouches and “Vinis” — to hold beer, wine and other drinks. This summer, your beverage of choice may come in an innovative new container that makes the drink fresher and tastier. Then again, the vessel’s main innovation could just be that it’s more eye-catching than the usual lineup of bottles and cans. Here are a ...
    on June 15, 2013     Source: It's Your Money


  • "No person ever bit your leg and wouldn't let go more than Howie Dickenman. There is nobody who can schmooze a mother like Dave Leitao. Tom combines a lot of those things. Tom is the smiling dog biter. He is. He'sa growler. A lot tougher than the...
    on Mar 29, 2007 By: Jim Calhoun Source: New Haven Register (subscription)

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