grandstander grandstander


  • (n) someone who performs with an eye to the applause from spectators in the grandstand


  1. It is clear that Noguchi, a naturalized citizen who emigrated from Tokyo in 1952, is a habitual grandstander.
  2. A political grandstander and heir to a peerage, Hogg renounced his coronet to run for Commons in 1963, but with his new post has accepted a life peerage.
  3. Those who don't like Graham say he is an opportunist and a grandstander.



  1. "I think he'd be more of a grandstander," Grayson said standing in an airport hangar before a giant R/V with a Grayson banner across it. "I want to be a leader for Kentucky. I'm running to be a United States senator from Kentucky, I'm not...
    on May 17, 2010 By: Trey Grayson Source: Politico

  2. "I'm not a grandstander," Crist said while campaigning for governor in Orlando, explaining his silence. "The bill didn't pass until the last night of the session : let's be fair."
    on Oct 26, 2006 By: Charlie Crist Source: St. Petersburg Times

  3. "I am not a grandstander," Gill, 49, said in a phone interview from a tour stop in South Bend, Ind. "I'm not comfortable doing that and I've never been a great promoter of myself. I have a kind of self-deprecating sense of humor, and I've...
    on Nov 9, 2006 By: Vince Gill Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

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