gracelessly gracelessly


  1. (adv) without grace; rigidly
  2. (adv) in a graceless manner



  1. Greer made her point with a sustained, supercilious sneer that gracelessly combined ignorance with exhibitionist pseudo-erudition.
  2. If she's not traveling for work on weekends, she is likely to be gracelessly in-line skating with her sons by day and attending the opera at night.
  3. Only the old can really see how gracelessly the world is ageing and all that we have lost.


  • Dina Titus uses her experience to sweep aside Kihuen

    Tuesday was a great day for government in Nevada. After a thorough educating on national level politics from Professor DinaTitus — a lesson which he was in desperate need of — Mr. Kihuen exited the race for Congressional District one in much the same way as he entered it: clumsily and gracelessly.
    on February 20, 2014     Source: The Rebel Yell

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